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    Dell servers with Dual Quad Core Xeon CPUs and 32GB RAM, running Windows Server 2012.


    Your website can run custom code written in PHP 7.3, ASP, ASP.NET and maintain MS-SQL Databases.

    DNS Services

    Our redundant DNS infrastructure helps your website handle unlimited sub-domains and email accounts.

    Power tools

    The security of FTPS, phpMyAdmin access, and the convenience.


    Get quick answers and resolutions from our expert support team.

    High Performance

    Each hosting plan is optimized for maximum performance. We use cutting-edge hardware to ensure secure and reliable service.

    Application Marketplace

    Choose from over 300 of the most popular applications like WordPress, Drupal etc. all installable with a single click.

    Free SSL certificates

    All our Cloud Hosting and Windows Shared hosting packages now come with FREE SSL by Let's Encrypt.

    What is Windows Shared Hosting?
    Windows Shared Web Hosting (also known as Windows Server Hosting or Windows Hosting) is a hosting package on a web server running Windows OS. The server is shared by multiple users running websites at the same time, thereby being a great, affordable option for those making a new website.
    What Databases can I use on Windows Web Hosting?
    You can use both Microsoft SQL (MS SQL) and MySQL databases on our WIndows Hosting packages.
    What version of Windows Server does Whois use?
    If you choose our Windows Hosting plans, your package will be on a server running Microsoft Windows 2012 SP1 (Standard) 64 bit.
    Can I upgrade my Windows Hosting plan in the future?
    No, currently we do not offer upgrades between plans for Windows Shared Hosting.
    How many websites can I host on a Windows Shared Web Hosting plan?
    The plan and server location you choose determine the number of websites you can host on your package. Choose from plan offering 1, 3, 5 and 10 websites.
    Can I create Email accounts for my domain with Windows Shared Hosting?
    Yes, email hosting is included in your package when you purchase a Shared Windows Web Hosting package. The Plesk panel offers you email through MailEnable integrated with Horde. The number of Email accounts vary based on your plan, ranging from 15 to Unlimited. If you need a dedicated Email hosting solution, we also offer Business, Enterprise and G Suite/Google Workspace options.
    Do you also offer Linux Shared Web Hosting besides Windows?
    Yes we do! We have a range of affordable and feature packed Linux Hosting Plans.
    Can I split my Windows Server Hosting package up to resell?

    No, you cannot split your WIndows Server Hosting package into divisions to resell. You can however host multiple domains on your Shared Plan.

    If you would like to resell windows web hosting to your customers, check our our Windows Reseller Hosting plans.

    How do I install an SSL certificate on Windows Hosting?
    Our KnowledgeBase has a step-by-step guide that makes installing an SSL certificate on your Windows Shared Hosting package easy. Check it out here.
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