The perfect InterNET address for your website


Give your website instant credibility & recognition,
Give it a .net name!

The .NET TLD is one of the 1st Domain Name Extensions to be created and has been going strong since the beginning of the Internet.

Why .net

  • Offers trust and credibility to your website
  • It's generic and one of the most valuable domain extensions in the aftermarket
  • Hosted in more than 200 countries and
    available in 400 languages
  • Over 15 Million registered .NET domain names

.NET is one of the 1st Domain Name Extensions to be created, along with .COM and it has paved the way for what we know as the InterNET today. It's synonymous with the online world.

.NET stands tall with about 15 million registered domain names and this is ample proof that your website deserves a .NET name!

From high name recall to its generic nature to its simplicity, it has everything for a successful domain name. It's made a place for itself and it's there to stay!